Emergency Services

  • We respond to all fire related incidents within the Village of Clinton and Clinton Township, including fires believed to be out as well as conduct investigations of smoke or odors of unknown origins.

  • We respond to all medical emergencies, persons trapped by any means, water accidents or other situations within our fire district.

  • We respond to hazardous materials releases, spills, and unknown substances on the ground, in the air or water of the fire district. We evaluatethe situation and make the necessary arrangements for cleanup if needed.

  • We aid in other situations where our expertise, training or equipment may be of assistance.

  • We provide mutal aid to other cities, villages, and townships in Lenawee County and Washtenaw County under a mutual contract. We can also request aid from any fire department in Lenawee County or Washtenaw County at no cost to the Village or Township.

Non-Emergency / Administrative Services

  • We respond to inquiries on department employment information about department services, or complaints about service.

  • We meet requests for tours of department facilities, or to have a member speak on fire safety matters.

  • We answer questions as well as issue permits concerning open burning.

  • We deal with complaints or questions on open burning, underground storage tanks, fire safety or fire prevention code violations, overcrowded buildings, blocked exits, children playing with fire, or suspected arson activity.

  • We conduct pre-fire planning exercises for commercial and industrial sites, and assist with emergency planning of schools and buisnesses.

  • We provide information on placing or maintaining smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
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