Organizational Statement 2014
Mission Statement

“The Clinton Fire Department is committed to the delivery of effective, courteous, and professional services, through hard work, effective training, and leadership; while treating our Customers and Fellow Firefighters with fairness, dignity, and respect.”

Risk Model
"We will risk a lot to save a lot" (lives).
"In a highly calculated and controlled manner."
"We will risk a little to save a little" (property).
In side a command system.
"We will risk nothing to save" (nothing).
Working inside a crew.
"We will never risk a not-involved customer to deliver our service."
Considerate of the people we meet on highways or incidents.
Vision Statement

Department Values – Take Enterprise View, Prioritize and Focus, Lead with Stretch Objectives, Be First to Implement. 

Leadership Behavior – Treat our people as the most important resource we have in our Department, Role Model desired team behaviors, Lead to our vision with clarity, focus and a bias for action.

Team Behavior – Make our colleagues successful, Have open, honest, and candid dialogue, Trust and respect one another, Take time to develop relationships with one another, Learn from success and failure, Generate results- not activity, Be empowered- accountable and responsible.

Organizational Purpose

The purpose of the Clinton Fire Department shall be to protect lives and property from injurious effects from fire, hazardous materials, medical emergencies, and acts of nature, for residents of the Village of Clinton, Township of Clinton, Areas contracted by the Clinton Fire Department, and all incidents while providing the scope of the mutual aid agreements in effect in Lenawee and Washtenaw Counties.

Organizational Statement

This Manual is the Property of the

Clinton Fire Department




            The following Organizational Statement has been written for the Clinton Fire Department of the Village of Clinton, Township of Clinton, County of Lenawee, County of Washtenaw and the State of Michigan.


Organizational Structure

This Organizational Structure is the Property of the


Clinton Fire Department




Fire Chief - C-1


Assistant Fire Chief - C-2


Captain C-4

Crew 2


Captain C-5



Lieutenant C-6

Safety Officer


Lieutenant C-7

EMS Officer


(18) Firefighters




Designed Visions