Severe Weather Warning


Weather Siren:


 The Village & Township of Clinton has weather warning sirens, which are designed to warn citizens of tornado warnings. The sirens will sounded for 2 minutes when a tornado has been spotted in the county and could be potentially a threat to the Village & Township of Clinton or when weather conditions are right for bad weather. When the sirens are activated, people are advised to take cover and remain in a place of safety, (basements, rooms without alot of windows, etc.) until conditions improve.


 To avoid confusion, there is NOT an "All Clear" siren sounded. You must use your own judgement, or listen to a radio for further information and updates.


Fire & Medical Calls:


 Clinton Fire Department sounds the siren between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm when ever the department is toned out for an emergency call. The sirens sounds for 30 seconds or two blasts of the sirens.


Maintenance and Care:


 Village of Clinton and the Department have four sirens located in the Village of Clinton. Three of these sirens were refurbished with new paint, new electrical, new poles, and some were moved to better locations to improve coverage. One siren was added as well. The last siren was complete in September of 2013.



 It is the goal of the department to add three more sirens in Clinton Township in the near future to improve coverage outside the Village.



Fire Board Meeting 2-14-2017


The 2017-2018 Budget was approved by the Fire Board and will be taken back to the Village Council and Township Board for final approval.


In addition to the Annual Budget the fire board agreed to budget one new siren for the next three years to better cover Clinton Township for Weather and Civil Defense purposes. This will make seven siren through out the Village and Township.




Severe Weather Siren
To view online Radar of Weather Activity Click Here.
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